Friday, May 20, 2011

Alphabet Photography

My last post was a family-based photography idea. After looking around on a few of the many websites that offer publishing, I found a really cool idea.
There is a website that actually sells these already, but what a fun project to do yourself! I’m talking about alphabet photography. The idea is to take every day objects and find letters, numbers, symbols etc to build your own masterpiece.
For example:

You get the idea. You can use the letters to spell your family’s last name, children’s names, make gifts for your neighbors and friends, or just use it to make some freakin’ cool art. Get your spouse and/or kids involved, too! Make it a game while travelling: Who can find objects that look like letters? What can you spell with the letters you found? You see? Limitless possibilities.
 I find these pictures to be quite inspiring. It encourages you to look at our ordinary world in an unordinary way and recognize the art and beauty that surrounds us. So get out there, enjoy this beautiful weather and find your own natural alphabet!

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