About Us

The idea of The Kissing Frog is to connect people from all over who enjoy the art of homemaking. This task is often underestimated and thankless. Our mission is to bring to light and celebrate all that we do for our families and friends and all which they do for us. We want to share our experiences with you and hope you'll share with us, too.
 Elisa Garn established The Kissing Frog with her mother and two sisters in 2010. Although she grew up as a tomboy, she has come to appreciate all things feminine. Her aspiration is to share the things she loves with other like-minded women. Elisa draws inspiration from her love of color, flowers, family and nature - but occasionally, the tomboy creeps in here and there, too.

Jennifer Hayes is a mother of five children yet still finds the time to create beautiful works of art. She is a talented artist and takes pride in her many skills - some of which include wood burning, wood working, home design and music.
  Stephenie Myers is a mother of three who enjoys the country life. She is a talented seamstress, pianist, chef and housekeeper. She is very creative and enjoys spending time with family. Recently, she hiked an incredible 80 miles with all the kids - and husband - in just one week!

Cindy Chandler founded her own business in 1999 specializing in naturally made body products and holistic medicines and healing. As a nurse she has pursued an education in holistic remedy medicine also known as complimentary alternative medicine. Her knowledge of this art is apparent in the wide selection of body products she offers. Her biggest accomplishment in life are her four children.