Friday, March 18, 2011

Conservative Bachelorette Party

A few weeks ago, I hosted a bachelorette party for my very best friend, Megan. Megan is slightly conservative, but still knows how to have a good time. I searched the Internet high and low looking for ideas and activities that weren't too corny or boring.

After a few hours, I gave up and decided to make up my own games. I took the basics of a bachelorette party and broke them down into the following elements:

What most bachelorette's feel like
after their party

- Liquor
- Strippers
- Feathers
- Glitter
- Cat Fights

Because of the conservative nature of Megan, I decided to swap these elements as such:

- Liquor Mountain Dew, Sprite, Strawberry Lemonade
- Strippers Seductive dance class taught by a local dance instructor
- Feathers Flowers matching the brides wedding decor
- Glitter Wrapped prizes for the games
- Cat Fights Awesome fun

Pink paper lantern with refreshment
table in the background
We really did have such a great time! The dance class was so much fun, especially since most of the women in attendance were complete tomboys.


I made little gift bags with the items needed for all of the games. Some of the games required some preparation before hand such as the "Strip Doll" game. I got a picture of Megan's face and Photoshopped it onto the body of a sexy lingerie model (with undies and bra - she's conservative, remember??). Next, I found pieces of clothing through Google Images that matched the pose of the model. I picked out a shirt, hat, pants, boots and a belt. I split the pants into two pieces to they could be used separately. Then, my husband helped me cut out all the pieces and carefully tape them to the card stock body on the corresponding body part.

The next game required drawing 3 large male heads (faces, not the other). I used some large artist paper so they would be big enough and traced the head shape so they'd all be the same size. Then, I gave them each unique features so they didn't look like the same fella. As part of this game, I also purchased some cheap red lipstick, one for each girl.

Finally, I got a pair of dice, a plastic bowl, a large black marker and the rest of the artist pad paper.

There were gifts for the winners of each game so I purchased some small (around $5 each) items such as a bag of Dove chocolates, a cute picture frame, the movie "Corpse Bride" and a few other things. Then I wrapped them in boxes with wrapping paper matching her wedding colors. I also added some pretty ribbon and "M" tags to make them more personalized.

For decorations, I bought some paper lanterns that matched her wedding colors (black and pink). I also bought some large lime green paper flower things from Zurchers to add some color. I had some silk flowers on hand that matched the color scheme beautifully so I used them to make a floral centerpiece for the refreshment table. I also had some little pink daisies set out on the table for "garnish". :)

The refreshments were simple as this was in the afternoon - right after lunch but before dinner. I did some cake balls, cupcakes, mini cupcakes (cupcakes are her favorite), and a strawberry banana bowl.

Let the Games Begin

We started the party with the dance instructor. We only had about 10 of us, so I made room in our basement so we could use the surround sound from our theatre. We danced to Brittney Spears, adding new moves as we practiced. I loved seeing my best friend being sexy! Hopefully she picked up a few pointers for the new husband.

After the dancing, I handed out the bags to each girl. The first game we played was the "Strip Doll". I had asked Megan questions about herself beforehand and had the answers on hand. Each time one of the girls got an answer correct, they could remove an article of clothing. Once they had her "undressed", they wont the game!

Next, we did the kissing game. I had all the girls take out their red lipstick and form into groups of 3 (for this part, I had cut out some numbers using my Cricut and had them already assigned to a team). The male faces that had been prepared earlier were taped to the wall. We played a relay-style race to be the first team to cover up the faces with kisses. This game was hands down hilarious. Everyone had red lipstick smeared all over their chin, cheeks, teeth, etc. It made for a great photo.

Stay classy, ladies.
The last game we played was top 10. During this game, there were various categories listed. The die and bowl were passed around the circle until someone rolled doubles. Once they rolled doubles, they had to take the pad of paper and write down ten things in that category before someone else rolled doubles. If someone else rolled doubles before they finished, the new double roller would start a new list with the next topic until someone else rolled doubles, and so on.

We ended, of course, with the winners of the games opening their presents and the bride opening hers. For the party favors, I had bought some plastic champagne flutes and filled them with (no surprise here) M&M's matching Megan's wedding colors. I bought some decorative plastic favor bags, cut a hole in the bottom, slipped them over the flute, then tied them off with a ribbon. I purchased some large diamond ring key chains from Oriental Trading Co. and added them to the bottom of the glasses for a final touch.

Considering I've never really been to a bachelorette party let alone hosted one, I think it went relatively well. Everyone had a great time and I loved putting it together. I didn't have to use any penis's or boobs, either! The wedding was awesome, Megan was beautiful and the Happy Ending can now begin. Enjoy your weekend!

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