Monday, February 14, 2011

And the Winner Is...

Rachel from Utah! Thank you to everyone who submitted their Valentine stories, recipes and craft ideas. Now read on and celebrate Singles Awareness Day!

Joni from Maine writes:
"It was my first Valentine's Day with my boyfriend, Mark. I had been giving significant hints the last two weeks leading up to February 14th that I wanted to go to a certain restaurant to celebrate. I got all dressed up, got a mani/pedi and had my hair done by my stylist.

After all this, I was sure my boyfriend would think the pricey restaurant would be worth it. However, he called me 20 minutes before he was supposed to pick me up and told me he was running late. When he finally showed up (45 minutes later), he was holding a six pack of beer and some K-Y Jelly. He thought it would be better to 'stay in'."

Kat from Colorado shared this gem:
"When I was in school, the student council would sell carnations for $1.00 a piece. It was obvious who the popular girls were because they would be loaded with flowers. I had a huge crush on one of the popular boys so to make myself look more desirable, I decided to buy myself 15 flowers. I paid for my flowers and filled out the cards, all from "secret admirers". But, when I went to turn them in to be delivered, the guy I had the crush on was the one taking the cards. Instead of being even more humiliated, I kept the cards and never had the flowers delivered."

Jeni from California had a rather pleasant experience:
"My husband always goes above and beyond the call of romance on Valentine's Day. One year, he hired a singing telegram to come to my work and perform a song he wrote himself. Another time, he visited me wearing a gorilla suit and handed me a dozen red roses. Last year, he filled my car with heart-shaped balloons and covered it in rose petals. He puts so much thought into making it special for me every year. I'm so lucky!"

Rachel from Utah submitted this story:
"It was my husband I's first Valentine's Day together as a married couple. I was so excited and I really put a lot of thought into what to get him. He did, too. However, I was dieting that year so he knew the traditional Valentine's Day treats were out. So Valentine's Day finally arrived and we exchanged gifts. I gave him all things fit for a romantic sexy eventing and I got a gift bag full of 100 calorie snacks. I tried so hard not to show my complete disappointment because I know he actually tried, but nothing kills the romantic mood like getting diet food from your husband on Valentine's Day!"

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