Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Heart String Craft

Heart String
Transform cardboard tubes into love tokens, then display them as a mantel garland or door decoration.


Cardboard tube
Paintbrush and red paint
Embroidery thred
Beads (with holes large enough for the needle to pass through
Heartstring - Step 2 i1. Cut the tube in half and brush the halves inside and out with red paint. Let them dry.
2. Flatten the halves, then cut them into one-inch segments. Shape each segment into a heart by pushing one creased side toward the center. Pierce holes in the top and bottom of each heart with a pushpin.

Heartstring - Step 3

3. Thread the needle and knot the end. Slide on a bead until it stops at the knotted end, then loop back and push the needle through the bead again, going from bottom to top.

Heartstring - Step 4
4. Thread on a heart, then add a bead just above it, using the same looping technique to secure it in place. Repeat to create a string of hearts and beads.

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