Monday, March 7, 2011

Go On...Volunteer!

One of my annual goals (I call them goals instead of resolutions) is to become more involved in my community. Part of this is engaging in acts of service. I've done some research on various opportunities in my area and found there is a definite need for volunteers not only in Utah but across the country.

I want to encourage you, dear reader, to get involved. Even if it's only an hour a week, every little bit helps.

Right now, I'm involved with the Son Rise Program. This has been such a unique experience. I work with a little boy for an hour every Saturday. I'm told this is really helping him grow and develop, but I can honestly say it is helping me even more so. Children are such a blessing in this world. They remind us of life less complicated and rekindle feelings of innocence and hope. My time spent with this little boy is a blessing. I get to play, pretend and imagine anything I want. I can look in his eyes and almost see where he came from, forgetting about that "place" and learning how to function in ours. He has so much love and joy. Even after only working him for one session, he was giving me hugs and sitting in my lap reading stories to me. This is deeply personal for me as I have never had young children of my own.

I believe fate has shown me the way to this opportunity. It is helping me work through a pain which I know so many others can relate.

Again, I invite you to share your time, talents and energy to someone who needs it. You may just end up helping yourself more than the person you sought to help.

If you know of any service opportunities, please contact us! We will add them to our Volunteer section.

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