Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Some Organization is in Order!

Brag Board

This idea comes from Lindy in Utah. I love this!

"This is my project from today and yesterday.

I just cut boards to size of a hallway or space...I made it easier and bought ones that were already painted white. Then I screwed them to the studs in the wall...then mod podged (is that a word?) polka dot scrapbook paper onto the face of them.

I pulled apart wooden clothespins, painted them,  reassembled them then glued them on.

Now all my daughter's paintings and things she brings home from nursery don't have to live on my fridge - and she feels special to have her very own art exhibit."

Hair Clip Organizer

Here is another clever idea from Lindy. If you have little girls, you undoubtedly have a drawer full of clips, bows and other hair accessories. Lindy came up with a clever idea to organize all of her items. The hanger on the left has different colored ribbons with corresponding colored hair accessories clipped on. If you know how to macrame, you can cover your hanger with whatever color you want. Then just loop the ribbon pieces and attach your accessories.

The second item in the picture was inspired by the recent Disney movie, Tangled. The movie is about Rapunzel who is known for her long blond hair. This braided yellow yarn is tied off at each end with a ribbon and holds her hair clips with ease.

I love this idea because it encourages young children to want to be neat and organized. Rather than nagging your child to put something away, you can make it fun with simple ideas like this.

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