Friday, July 29, 2011

Rainbow Jello

A couple of weeks ago, my step daughter celebrated her 10th birthday. Although we kept pestering her for weeks about what she wanted for her birthday, she never had an answer with the exception of one thing: Rainbow Jello. She’s not a big cake fan, and even less so of frosting. What she really wanted was layers and layers of colored Jello.

I’ve always thought about doing this. I’ve seen others do it. It’s probably one of the simplest things I’ve ever made. But it takes FOREVER. I started preparing the layers on a Friday afternoon; one box at a time. I’d wait a couple hours, then add the next layer. I was able to get three of them done by Friday night.
Saturday morning, I was making Jello again while waiting for my crepes to cook. Crepes are her favorite breakfast item, along with turkey bacon.
Finally, by the afternoon, I’d finished all the layers. I added a layer of whipped topping (of course!) and we served up the first…um…”piece”. Rainbow Jello is pretty difficult to serve. You have to get all the flavors in there or what’s the point? But even though it came out a bit sloppy, it looked just as pretty in the bowl. And it was DELICIOUS. Whoever said they didn’t like Jello was lying. Or at least was thinking more about the fact that it’s made out of fat than the yummy taste it has when mixed with loads of sugar. Mmmmm.
So, when you have some free time or when you feel like making something really special – perhaps for that next potluck? – grab a few boxes of Jello and go to town!

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