Friday, February 11, 2011

Current Events

According to Google, today is (or would have been) Thomas Edison's 164th birthday. I love electricity! It's one of those things you don't know you rely on so immensely until it's not there.

For example, one night I tucked myself snugly into bed anxiously awaiting the next morning. I checked my alarm clock and drifted to sleep. I woke up the next day puzzled by the fact that the sun had risen 2 hours earlier than it normally did. Still groggy from my slumber, I rolled over to check the time. A black screen stared back at me. I suddenly realized my alarm must not have gone off and jumped out of bed. I unplugged my cell phone from its charger only to discover it was not responding to my forceful thumb pressing on its buttons. Not only did I have no idea what time it was, I had no power! I frantically ran around my house looking at all the usual places to find out the time. The microwave: Obviously not. The stove: No power there. The guide on my TV: Mmmm, nope. Now I was stuck wondering what time it was and with no way to contact my work. Who has a land line anymore, anyway?

I started biting my lower lip wondering what I should do. I wasn't even sure if my shower would turn on without electricity. "I'll call the power company and find out what's going on," I thought. Oh, right. My phone is dead. That made me think the power must have been out for quite a few hours. Being without electricity had completely thrown me for a loop. How do I function? Will the toilets flush? Will I have to replace all the food in my fridge? How will I do my hair?

I decided I would try the shower. Ah, apparently plumping and electricity are not completely reliant on each other. I hurried and washed my hair, hoping the water would stay warm long enough for me to finish rinsing. I jumped out of the shower and felt around in the dark for my towel.

After getting dressed, I looked down at my feet and noticed my socks. One black, one brown. I pulled my sock drawer out of the dresser so I could look at them in the sunlight beaming into my bedroom.

Speak no, hear no, see no electricity.

I quickly threw my hair up on a haphazard bun and grabbed my make up bag. I got in my car and applied my make up using the two-inch mirror from the sun visor on the passenger side. At this point, I realized I had forgotten my phone. But, halfway up the steps, I remembered it didn't matter because it was useless anyway.

I got back in the car and drove the 18.7 miles to my work. I thought it odd no one else was in the parking lot. Then I remembered: It was SATURDAY!!! I could not believe it. But, I was at least able to check the time on my car clock.

See? Electricity it awesome. My life is a mess even with it; I couldn't imagine what other chaos would come my way without it.

If you would like to show your kids how electricity works and talk about some cool brainy stuff, visit this link for a cool how-to. Have a great weekend everybody and stop by Monday morning when we announce the winner of our Valentine Contest!

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